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With more than 35,000 service interventions performed in Canada per year, Progitech is a leader in on-site information technology services.

No matter where or when you need technical assistance, you can be served, day or night, by one single tech team: the Progitech team. Our highly qualified team can manage incidents or service requests no matter how complex and no matter what your SLA (Service Level Agreement, 2 to 72 hours).

Our call center has more than 400 certified technicians at 130 points of service across Canada. Each site has a replacement part supply in order to quickly respond to service calls.

We treat your clients as if they were our own. If we live up to their expectations, we know we will also live up to yours.

pro-service, an important competitive advantage

Developed by Progitech, the Web Pro-Service management program automates the whole service call process, from call generation to call end. It combines all calls on its platform and allows you, among other things, to automatically obtain the status of service calls. Taking into account client service delays, alarms are generated for dispatchers and technicians in order to respect SLAs. Thanks to their mobile devices, technicians are able to update and close on site.

Moreover, we can adapt to client requirements by adapting the mobile version of Pro-Service to the needs at our intervention sites. The mobile version reduces the administrative burden of the technicians and improves intervention efficiency by transferring paperwork as soon as the technician leaves the intervention site.

a 24/7 Canada-wide call center