Progitech has a new look

Dear customers, partners and suppliers,

We are proud to reveal the redesign of the Progitech image; a new logo that illustrates the evolution of our business and that we feel represents it fully.

Blue for the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans that we combined for our coverage from east to west, two square shapes superimposed to form a hexagon for our strong network that is united by the collective work between partners/customers and finally a refined layout for overall finesse.

We would like to commend David Léonard, motion designer, artist and founder of Nordik Studio on his hard work and whom we recommend to you highly for your future projects.

As you will soon see, our website has been modernized and completely redesigned to display Progitech’s products and services more clearly.

We hope you will be pleased with the changes and we thank you for your continued confidence!

The Progitech Team.