sygec transactions

Developed by Progitech, the Sygec program makes transactions and document exchanges with your business partners easy. Electronic transactions, history, and archiving management are simplified! Sygec instantly becomes your anchor point for exchanging electronic documents. Once personalized, Sygec saves you from repetitive information entries and reduces the risk of errors.

For instance, Rio Tinto and Alcoa suppliers use Sygec in order to electronically transfer orders, delivery slips, and invoices with their clients.


Pro-Navire is a port facility management system. It allows for the complete management of ship and merchandise movements as well as invoicing for independent ports. A multitude of reports and statistics are available. It also allows for the input of information concerning the arrival and departure times of ships in one single place. Here are a few advantages of Pro-Navire :

  • Saves time compared to conventional methods
  • Simple and user-friendly environment
  • Integrates with your accounting system