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Development - Systems Integration

B2B Integrations with our developer team - Easy to deploy and scalable

For the purposes of long-term collaboration, communication is essential.
We offer the possibility of integrating B2B systems, which considerably improves productivity and communications, particularly for large volumes of requests. From creation to resolution, you can access all the information in real time directly in our system, including the statement of work, the assignment, progress updates, the description of the work, and photos. That way, you will be informed throughout the service request resolution process.


Our passionate developers will be able to take on the challenge!

  • Allows you to be on top of all activities in real time

  • In real time, get a detailed and comprehensive picture related to your activities

  • A single interface for the entire service, regardless of the branch location

  • Bring your activities together in a SINGLE place wherever your site is located

  • Track KPIs to track problem resolution, cost-effective, TTT, SLA performance

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