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IT solutions for all your branches accross Canada and the United States

Progitech is your single point of contact for IT support for all your branches. Our remote support service is designed to help businesses keep their infrastructure in good working order, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer remote support services through our bilingual call centre thanks to a qualified team that can resolve problems in English and French. At the end of the line, your staff will get solutions to solve problems and minimize impacts on your operations.

Covering more than 300 service points in Canada and the United States, our team of technicians is made up of IT experts with extensive experience in troubleshooting all kinds of problems, including hardware failures, software errors, and network connectivity issues, as well as repairing, replacing, adding, and installing computer equipment. With our incident management system, our team of technicians and service coordinators informs you in real time of the resolution of the incident. Our on-site interventions meet your expectations. Our technicians can be on site on short notice to meet your deadlines. We work with the manufacturers for warranties, out-of-warranty service, updates, preventive maintenance, and spare parts storage. By using the latest technologies, such as our mobile application for on-site interventions, we can inform our clients of each stage of the resolution process.

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Progitech - Empowering your technology, powering your success.
Unleash Your Technology's Potential with Progitech
Progitech - Empowering your technology, powering your success.
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