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IT Deployment

One provider for all your branches, Progitech 

Do you have IT projects that you want to carry out, but you don't have the staff and solutions to do so? We have the necessary expertise and resources to help you finally take action. We're an essential ally for your IT projects.

Whether you are carrying out a move, an expansion, a migration, or a deployment of new equipment in a short time frame or even over a more spread-out schedule, a minimum amount of downtime for your teams and operations is essential. We can support you regardless of the type of IT equipment. Our experienced project managers lead multi-site, multi-service, and multi-technology national deployments. We can carry out a logistics process with our team of specialists in order to optimize the stages and obtain a consistent result for all branches. Our meticulous technicians take care of all the steps, from installation to configuration, ensuring that everything is in place as you wish. 

This management involves several milestones, including:

  • Planning - Workshops, RACI 

  • Management - Leading the affected teams, frequent meetings with the partners involved 

  • Execution - Calendars, timeline, training, checklists

  • Monitoring - KPIs, progress data, budgets 

  • From planning to execution, our committed team of project managers, coordinators, network and security experts, and qualified IT technicians on site ensures the success of your project.

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